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Commercial Hood Work

We can Help Keep Your Restaurant or Kitchen Free of Grease and Exhaust Issues!

Nobody wants poor air quality where they will be preparing or serving food. HVAC services don’t end with heating and cooling. We also offer additional services like commercial hood work and ventilation. These include, but are not limited to:

Make-Up Air Units

Make up air units pull fresh air in from outside and conditions it, replacing air that moves out through kitchen exhaust equipment. This helps to avoid back drafting, poor temperature management, and other air quality issues.

Kitchen Exhaust Fans

A critical component for kitchen ventilation and indoor air quality

Vent Hoods

The hoods help vent the exhaust and remove smoke, heat, steam and cooking odors. Vent hoods are an important part in keeping your kitchen healthy and clean and help to stop grease from accumulating too.

Grease Duct

A grease duct vents grease filled air, which can be flammable from commercial cooking equipment to the outside. This duct is created with less seams to avoid leaks.

Fire Duct Wrap Insulation

Just as it sounds, Fire-Rated Duct Wrap is important to use on ductwork to help prevent the spread of fire throughout a building.

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