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Selecting The Best Heating System - HVAC Contractors in Athens, GA

We all know utility bills for heating a home can be expensive. But you don’t have to worry more about it, as HVAC Contractors in Athens, GA give us some useful information to select the most efficient heating systems for our home. 

Heating bills are often responsible for 30% of your home's utility bills. While there are many other alternatives to cut these utility bills, such as wearing sweaters in your home or using a programmable thermostat, the most convenient and efficient is turning to an efficient heating system. HVAC Contractors in Athens, GA, explains that although the upfront cost may be a bit more when investing in an efficient heating system, it will be cost-effective in the long run because of its many benefits. 

So, before we move on to the different types of heating systems, you shall first understand what makes a system efficient. 


What Makes A Heating System Economical For Use?

Understanding what makes a heating system efficient is important and useful, as it will help you determine what to look for in a heating system.  According to HVAC Repair Companies in Athens, GA, the efficiency of a heat pump is dependent on the weather conditions. In moderate climates, the heat pump often proves to be efficient, whereas, in colder weather, the furnace is often considered more efficient than the heat pump. 

You can determine the efficiency of your heating system by looking at your system’s annual fuel utilization efficiency rate, or AFUE short. This helps you understand how much energy your system uses to convert the energy and how much of the energy is going to waste. In other words, it lets you understand how much energy the system uses to turn into heat.  If you’re living in an older home with an old furnace, you might consider upgrading to a newer furnace to save energy

How To Choose an Efficient Heating System for Your Home? Explained By HVAC Contractors in Athens GA

Determining a heating system’s AFUE rate is only one part of finding the most efficient heating system for your home. You will also have to look at which HVAC system option is most compatible with your home and the weather in your area to find out the most efficient heating system for your home. Luckily, Superior Air Management can help you with that. Visit this link to have a look at the services offered by us.  There are different types of heating systems that you must know about to determine the most efficient one for your home. 


According to many HVAC Contractors In Athens, GA, if you have natural gas, then a furnace can prove to be the most efficient heating system for you. It is not only highly efficient but affordable as well. 


Boilers are still in use and efficient. As the name suggests, the boiler heats up a water tank and then uses it to keep the home warm. However, this system is less common for use nowadays. 

Heat Pump

Heat Pumps are not only efficient but provide excellent air management and less noise amongst other benefits. 

If you’re considering installing a new heating system at your home, you should contact us at Superior Air Management for the best consultation and HVAC services. 

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