General Contractors vs. HVAC Contractors in Athens, GA: Who Should You Hire for Commercial HVAC Maintenance

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General Contractors vs. HVAC Contractors in Athens, GA: Who Should You Hire for Commercial HVAC Maintenance

If you're a building manager or owner in Georgia, you presumably have a general commercial contractor you work with for maintenance and repairs, but may need more specialized support if you are looking for an HVAC contractor  in Athens, GA.

This setup is great for maintenance tasks that don't require specific HVAC expertise. Anything from plumbing problems to routine maintenance on the building should be reported to the contractor.

However, it's clear that you need an HVAC expert regarding your building's more intricate HVAC systems. You should consult expert HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, for these vital parts for a few main reasons:

  1. HVAC Systems Are Increasingly Complex.

    By hiring a professional service, you can rest assured that your equipment will be cared for by experts who know the newest developments in technique and equipment. However, as the need for greener technology rises, so does the complexity of HVAC systems and the frequency and nature of routine and preventative maintenance. If a general contractor isn't up-to-date on the latest innovations, they can't advise building owners and managers effectively.

  2. Early Diagnosis Helps Maintain Your HVAC System.

    Considering how much more you will have to spend on repairs if your HVAC system breaks down instead of being maintained, the value of hiring a specialist becomes clear. Licensed HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, will keep up with inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Also, a professional may be able to spot and diagnose problems sooner than you can, saving you money on maintenance down the road.

  3. Commercial HVAC Needs A License.

    Certification is necessary to perform some HVAC repairs and installations, as is the case in many service sectors. So, a general contractor shouldn't even try to perform certain tasks because they are beyond the scope of their expertise. Manufacturer warranties also typically do not apply to equipment that has been maintained by someone who is not certified to do so.

  4. A Stocked Inventory And Service Agreement Reduce Downtime.

    Never underestimate the value of having HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, on call, especially if you have an ongoing service agreement with a reliable provider until you experience a catastrophic equipment breakdown or other emergencies on your property. Unlike HVAC specialists, general contractors don't typically keep a supply of parts and materials on hand. When temperatures drop dangerously low or rise dangerously high, every minute counts and businesses can take a major hit if they can't keep operating as usual.


It's obvious that a building owner or manager is at a disadvantage if they don't have a service contract with a professional that is trained in maintaining and repairing all components of their HVAC and refrigeration equipment.

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